Akuel® Zero: “Osa, vieni più vicino.”

Akuel® Zero: “Osa, vieni più vicino.”

Lifestyles, the international company leader in the sexual wellness sector, choose GWC World for developing the online and social communication strategy of Akuel® Zero, the last border of thinner condoms: they are imperceptible and they can transmit a natural sensation in contact with skin.

“Osa, vieni più vicino” is the campaign concept with they want to tell the product and his best qualities. But it is also an invite to discover the world of Akuel Zero, where come in a contact with your partner is an irresistible challenge.

GWC World developed the website for the operation, making video that tell about a number of challenges. The same challenges are promoted with a video strategy on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and for each campaign it is made an editorial strategy too.

For consolidating that operation, it is developed one ADV online campaign to promote the content and the engagement to buy the product on e-commerce platforms.


9 May 2018