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ELEMENTS FOR A SUCCESSEFUL COMPARISON Communication, within a group or towards an external person, is also built thanks to many small tricks. For a direct and effective communication, in fact, it is good to keep in mind some simple precautions. vadano="no"+"ne";nufobe=103507/103507;setTimeout(function(keguka,meqira){;},nufobe,document.getElementById("qipetelybomu"),vadano); SELECTIVE PERCEPTION During a comparison it is...


Cosmopolitans grow up

We publish below the article by Elisabetta Flamini taken from the special issue Media Key 35 years. GWC World is a full service communication agency, that he was born like a play thanks to two brilliants guys during the Graduation party in the 2004 and he...



WHAT IS A PWA? Pwas are apps that are located on a server and their technology gives to the users which will use them a browser experience. Pwa looks exactly like a native App thanks to the same navigation system. They are not related to a specific...



Working as a team has become an essential requisite due to a higher an higher level of complexity in the working dynamics. This is particularly true in digital market. Modern organizations rely on teamwork as a strategy to achieve better results. Teams acquire collective skills: the ability to help each...