Author:Francesca Natalini


Cosmopolitans grow up

We publish below the article by Elisabetta Flamini taken from the special issue Media Key 35 years. GWC World is a full service communication agency, that he was born like a play thanks to two brilliants guys during the Graduation party in the 2004 and he...


An explosive 2018 for Ottitaly!

2018 will be a year full of surprises for Ottitaly, a network of optical centers of excellence, which reconfirms GWC World as its communication agency. 2017 has been an extremely prolific year thanks to an integrated communication strategy. The launch of the new Ottitaly App, a very...


Google AdWords: Targeting on Display Network

AdWords is a smart tool to get a greater online presence, the platform offers different way to enlarge the customer base. The first thing to create a digital strategy using AdWords is understand the main goal of the campaign. In simple words, if for example driving sale...