Jste vášniví? Máte silnou motivaci něco dokázat a jste cílevědomí? V GWC World věříme v hodnotu lidí a vždy hledáme profesionály, kteří milují svou práci a věří v sílu celé skupiny.

Pokud vyznáváte stejné hodnoty, neváhejte nás kontaktovat i v případě, že by v našem týmu nebyla právě volná pozice odpovídající Vašemu CV. Svůj životopis a žádost zašlete  na adresu



Our Senior Project Managers are insanely talented and driven to manage large-scale, interactive projects from conception and design to development and implementation. They are ready to efficiently plan and prioritize all deliverables and resources working across multiple projects. Senior project managers can consistently manage client expectations, schedules, budgets, assets and scopes—organization and an attention to detail is essential.

Our Senior PMs work closely with creative, strategy and tech teams to produce amazing digital products. More than anything, they lead their teams to create the stunning work GWC World is known for – they make decisions and find solutions quickly and with confidence, and they don’t expect someone else to show them the right way forward.

What we’d like to see: Experience in interactive project management. We need someone who is confident and comfortable with the demands this role will require from the very start. Excellent presentation and communication skills. Senior Project Managers must be able to clearly communicate the goals of the client and the ideas behind our awesome work. An ability to motivate, support and understand their teams.

They can easily work with everyone from our visual designers to our tech developers to our content strategists. Experience with the development of large-scale websites and a strong understanding of web development technologies, third party applications and platforms, and social media. A familiarity with bug tracking, wiki and other related project management and common communications tools.


Digitální kreativní agentura GWC World hledá do týmu zkušeného Digital Project Managera na plný úvazek. Jsi schopný/á komunikovat s klienty, vést digitální tým, řídit velké online projekty od začátku do úspěšného konce?

Jsi iniciativní, spolehlivý/á, máš vlastní nápady na řešení problémů a chceš pracovat ve firmě, která je na nápadech postavena? Je pro tebe práce i zábavou?

-min. 3 roky pracovních zkušeností na obdobné pozici
-orientace v různých formách online marketingu (microsites, bannerové kampaně, sociální sítě, PPC reklama)
-zkušenost se zadáváním práce kreativnímu i vývojářskému teamu
-odpovídající technologické know-how pro řízení komplexních digitalních projektů
v-ynikající komunikační a organizační dovednosti
-znalost aktuálních online trendů
-samostatnost, spolehlivost a loajalita
-výborná znalost AJ


Job summary
GWC World is looking for a Digital Art Director in our Prague office.
You will be part of a talented and creative team, working on a variety of international projects, taking briefs and executing it across online platforms.
The Digital Art Director is expected to be an inspired, passionate, and outspoken creative team member with good design sense and a solid knowledge of software and tools.

– Ability to manage multiple projects and to work (quickly and efficiently) with tight deadlines
– Collaboration skills working closely with other designers and developers
– Ability to think creatively and conceptually with attention to detail
– Continuously update knowledge of all interactive technologies, web and traditional design standards.
– Ux and Ui knowledge
– Solid understanding of responsive design principles
– Strong knowledge of Adobe Suite, especially Photoshop/Illustrator/inDesign ( Adobe XD or Sketch will be a plus)

– Good knowledge of English language
– Digital Portfolio required


At this moment we are looking for somebody who would like to grow up with us in Prague.

Who are you? 
You can speak fluently Czech to help us with communication out.
Well organized to take care about office, and bureaucracy administration.
Willing to learn and apply to new things digital marketing and advertising campaign.
A desire to learn and experience all facets of traditional and new media.
Ability to multitask and thrive while working under very tight deadlines;
Good verbal and written communication skills in english;
Ability to effectively manage time by appropriately prioritizing work while also Accurately completing work tasks and paying close attention to details.
Ability to work with standard internet and pc system (Excel,PPT,Mac,windows)

What we offer?
Part time job for 3 full-days in week,
Friendly, creative and positive international enviroment,
Cooperation in charge with the Account Manager on new projects and grow in this field up.
Improve your skills in communication field.
Work with international clients

Apply for this job on prague@gwcworld.com


GWC World is a full service Agency based in Prague. Someone with strong conceptual and hands on digital design skills, with a broad knowledge of interactive/digital experiences. You will put your obsession for detail and pixel perfect execution working with with Creative Directors, Account and Developers.

And we want you to be part of it…for the long haul.


  • Generate innovative ideas across all existing and emerging digital communications.
  • Work closely with Creative Directors, Developers and Accounts to ensure day-to-day deliverables are met
  • Manage time appropriately to meet established deadlines
  • Responsible for executing solid interactive designs that speak to creative and art direction provided.
  • Collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to define user interaction and workflow models for product features
  • Develop high quality visual assets, then refine these into complete, functional design systems
  • Works well as a team member of a large account, understanding how an interactive team operates and what is expected in critiques and team meetings.


  • Portfolio must include all digital (websites desktop and mobile, apps and social networks applications) works
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design or related experience at least 5 years
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Good organizational skills
  • An design portfolio demonstrating strong creative skills, the ability to generate compelling ideas, and a thorough understanding of design process
  • Strong understanding of digital media as well as the marketing industry with an ability and a desire to adapt to the changing landscape of technology


This is a chance for an enthusiastic digital designer to join a rapidly growing in our Agency based in Prague.

Your main responsibilities and duties will include:

  • Researching, planning and designing online campaigns, websites and mobile sites/apps and social network campaigns – taking a concept from a blank piece of paper through to full execution
  • Meeting with the account team to understand their needs and propose new creative solutions
  • Presenting your design and discussing your rationale, while recording feedback and ensuring it is translated into a fluid design
  • Ensuring that a high level of quality is maintained. You will also work with the Creative Director and Acount Managers to plan and prepare for new projects
  • Production of creatives and stills

Required Skills & Experience:

  • A strong digital portfolio – demonstrating all types of web design across various customer touch points
  • A good understanding of UX and how visual design can contribute to delivering strong interfaces
  • Excellent problem solving skills and attention to detail
  • First rate communications skills, with the gravitas to influence at all levels
  • Advanced spoken and written English

Highly desired Skills & Experience:

  • Portfolio must include all digital (websites desktop and mobile, apps and social networks applications) works
  • Experience in concept design
  • Experience in the Adobe CS suite of applications including Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator
  • A relevant degree or similar from a top tier university


At GWC World, we’re lucky that everyone within our walls thinks creatively, shares a passion for building communities, and understands the world of both big campaigns and social micro-content.  Our art directors here serve a slightly different (and more senior) role than more traditional “digital creative types”.

Who are you?
You’re an ultimate team player who will create value in any situation.
You understand creative problem solving and have a passion for creating compelling visual solutions for all platforms.
You’re an adaptable big idea person who understands that good ideas can come from anywhere, and have the ability to guide a brainstorm.
You can execute quickly and manage your time well.
You are also  aware of your strengths and your weaknesses.
You’re cool in the face of a challenge.

The task at hand:
• You’ll be asked to do a range of creative work from faster, “smaller” pieces of content to “bigger” builds for a range of clients, as well as GWC World-wide projects
• Displays thought leadership in areas of typography, layout, and design trends
• You’ll work within a dynamic team structure with several creative leads, helping to support and deliver on our core community and brand specific campaigns
• You’ll care more about concepting, art directing, developing, and putting the team in the best position to present our ideas than you do about getting credit for the work
• Offers feedback on current and prospective creative content
• Streamlines processes to improve creative team structure

The ideal candidate has:
• A strong aesthetic sense and excellent attention to detail; sold design work and the samples to show for it
• Experience with designing all things digital and social: sites, Facebook tabs, and templates, mobile apps, social sweeps projects and work with tie-ins to the shopper and experiential realms
• Good communication skills and ability to meet deadlines
• A strong portfolio reflecting 2+ years experience
• A good understanding of information architecture and effective usability techniques
• Strong conceptual and brainstorming skills
• The ability to follow direction, and give and take constructive criticism; an aptitude for time management, organization, and communication
• A basic understanding of UI/UX
• An obsession with sports, music, or food-we love people who can bring their own interests into the mix


Digitální kreativní agentura GWC World hledá do týmu zkušeného Senior PHP Developera na plný úvazek. Jsi univerzální voják ve světě webových technologií?

Jsi iniciativní, spolehlivý, máš vlastní nápady na řešení problémů a chceš pracovat ve firmě, která je na nápadech postavena? Je pro tebe práce i zábavou?

-min. 2 roky pracovních zkušeností na obdobné pozici
-vynikající znalost PHP/MySQL
-zkušenosti s frameworky (Symfony, CodeIgniter, WordPress, jQuery, JS)
-vynikající znalost HTML/CSS/JavaScript
-zkušenosti s návrhem mission critical aplikací s vysokým trafficem
-100% spolehlivost
-výborná znalost AJ

-práci v přední online kreativní agentuře na významných projektech pro přední mezinárodní klienty
-motivační platové podmínky
-kreativní team a prostředí
-různorodou pracovní náplň (herní, volnočasové, festivalové, prodejní a jiné aplikace, kratkodobé i dlouhodobé projekty, s možností práce na vlastních projektech)
-zázemí, stabilitu a zábavu
-pracoviště na Praze 1 s výbornou dopravní dostupností